This Shit Needs to Stop!

Breaking headline from the jack-holes at iPodNN.

Dev Team: iPhone 3G owners should avoid 2.0.1 update

Ok, let’s see what’s wrong with this, starting with the headline.

Dev Team:”

Which “Dev Team?” Apple’s? Someone who’s opinion I give two shits about? No, of course not. It’s the ever so mature creators of the “Pwnage Tool”.

iPhone 3G owners”

Wait, I’m an iPhone 3G owner! What’s the 2.0.1 update going to do to me? Absolutely nothing. To quote the article:

The creators of the PwnageTool note that while the update is officially meant to fix bugs, it also makes changes to the underlying baseband code, which could potentially block any future attempts to unlock an iPhone. At the least, the update undoes any jailbreaking performed with PwnageTool.

Heavens To Murgatroyd, you mean Apple may feel the need to update their own hardware in a way that doesn’t necessarily play fair with “Pwnage”? The monopolist bastards!

To be fair, the blog post by the “Pwnage” people is a fair bit less FUDy than the iPodNN headline; since they at least acknowledge the actual audience that is effected by this. So I’ll have to direct the majority of my ire at the douchebags at iPodNN. Seriously you nitwits, learn how to report facts or go away.

Bleh, I’m too sick for this shit.