Two Quickies

First, a “Ha!” to Dan Costa; and a kudos to Yardena Arar at PC World. One of Dan’s rampant speculations in his little iPhone hit piece that I commented on here was that the iPhone 3G would undoubtedly have a worse battery life than competing 3G phones. On the contrary, PC World ran some actual tests (what a concept) and determined that, while all 3G phones suck battery like a Hilton sister on a schwantz, the iPhone 3G sucked the least. As an aside, I really have to say I’m impressed with the quality of the PC World article. It’s factual, unbiased and moderate in tone. My gods, could there still be actual professionals out here on the interwebs.

Second, fuck you to Electronista (sister site of MacNN), and I’ll be damned if I’ll link to you prats. Why the vitriol? Because this is where I got the PC World story from, but there isn’t a single gods damned link that I could find from the Electronista story to the actual PC World story. You content stealing, no credit giving pricks really piss me off.


Ok, I fucking take back anything nice I said about PC World. Apparently being objective was to much of a burden; so the shit birds at PC world have changed the title of the above linked story to “3G iPhone’s Battery Life Beats AT&T Rivals—But EvDO BlackBerrys Run Longer.” Hey, dick monkeys, the iPhone doesn’t fucking run on EvDO. Comparing it’s battery life with EvDO phones is like comparing my alcohol tolerance with that of a Mormon’s. The need to pander to the anti-Apple crowd never ceases to amaze me.