Time.com Has a Shitty Grasp of Economics

I usually reserve my bile for the bit players in the blogoskleinbottle; but good lord this is a shitty article. There’s so much wrong with this piece of crap that I don’t know where to begin. In brief, the gist of the article is that somehow Apple is gypping users because they’re allowing developers to charge for iPhone applications. Yeah, let that one sink in a bit. I really don’t have the time to completely deconstruct this steaming turd; but here are a few choice bits.

So why can’t all iPhone apps be free? Well, quite simply, because people are still willing to pay for them. Apple currently generates most of its revenue from up-front sales — whether it’s for MacBooks, iTunes or iPhones. And the pay approach for mobile games, ringtones and videos has long been used by other tech purveyors like Verizon and Research In Motion, and even third-party app stores like Handango. “It is a historical business model,” notes Kevin Burden of ABI Research. Buyers are willing to pony up, though, because of the cachet of the Apple brand.

Jesus Christ on a pogo-stick, did I just read a quote from a “research” firm calling supply and fucking demand a “historical business model.” I’m a socialist and even I’m offended by that. Heavens fucking forbid that people pay money for things that have value. Devs, you heard it here first, your time and effort are worth exactly squat.

The next bit of inanity follows the follows the standard Web 2.0 bullshit meme that Google is the only business model in town.

We may find out soon, as free, ad-supported applications gain momentum. The first handsets running Google’s Android operating system will go on sale from T-Mobile late this year. Google won’t talk specifics about pricing, but some developers expect the widgets that run on them to be free. “Google’s strong point is creating inventory to run ads across. I’ll bet on the fact that they are going to be free,” says Buzzd co-founder Nihal Mehta.

I know that, as a user, there is nothing I’m looking forward to more than ads blocking part of application on that expansive 3.5 inch screen.

The last bit of stupid is perhaps the most mind-numbing of all.

If Apple ever does decide to let all iPhone apps be free, it would be a radical departure from its typical way of doing business.

Wait, does this imbecile actually think that Apple is demanding that developers charge for their apps. That there is no way a developer couldn’t choose to make their application ad supported if they wanted to? Can this writer actually be that stupid that she doesn’t even know how the App Store works? Of course she can, this is Web 2.0. Accuracy isn’t important; gotta bump up that hit-count though.