More Fun From The Psystards

Good lords I just had an aneurysm. I just noticed via MacNN that the nimrods over at Psystar are shipping “servers” with Leopard as an option. What sort of rampaging moron would actually run a hackintosh as a proper server? I can understand the impetuous for the average freetard to build a hackintosh for personal use. They’re cheap bastards, and I suppose there is a certain enjoyment in the process of shoe-horning OS X onto unsupported hardware. But a fucking 1U server? Quick question for anyone seriously considering blowing a minimum of $2,000 on one of these turds. Who, exactly, do you think is going to provide support for this abomination. I can guaran-fucking-tee it won’t be Apple. If I was a CIO and found one of these things sitting in my racks the shit-cannnings would happen so fast that space-time itself would break.