Security: The Most Powerful FUD of All.

This is sure to bring out the trolls and zealots; but what the hell. It seems that Microsoft has issued a warning advising that Windows users not use Safari for Windows. I’m not going to bother to go over the background on this, you can read the advisory yourself here. And I’m not going to dwell on the irony of Microsoft lecturing anyone on “‘security.” My point is that this is the new face of FUD. Users have been so cowed with breathless reporting about all the evil hackers out there in the dangerous back alleys of the intertubes that the most efficient way of sabotaging your competition is to throw out some vague warnings about “exploits,” or “hacks.”

Now, before the usual douchebags sally forth to accuse me of defending Apple or some such shit, that’s not what this is about. What I’m commenting on here is a practice that is as retarded when Apple does is as it is when Microsoft, or Mozilla, or PayPal does it. Computer security is a real issue, and needs a real conversation that isn’t just one company using it as a marketing trick to discredit the competition, or a vendor stirring up shit to move product (I’m looking at you every anti-virus vendor in existence), or some dipshit “security expert” looking to drum up some publicity.

Here’s some free advice for the software vendors out there, stop worrying about the mote in your competition’s eye, and look to the beam in yours. Barring that, here’s another bit advice, but I’m charging for this one. Start implying that the competition supports pedophiles. Microsoft Windows Vista: They’re Baby-Rapers!