Oh For The Love Of God!

In response to the whiny fucknuts who pissed an moaned over Apple serving up a side of Safari along with the latest iTunes update on Windows (see my rant here), Apple updated their Software Update client for Windows to distinguish between “new” and “updated” software. So, there you go, Apple bows to the community and everybody wins.

Apparently, not if your Asa Dotzler. If you’re Asa, then Apple doing the very gods damned thing that you asked for is not good enough. Apparently Apple needs to also not check the box to install Safari by default. Again, the take home message here is that Windows users are so fucking confused by a checkbox that they can’t be trusted with the horrible responsibility of installing a browser. What’s next Asa, do I need a note from my mommy to assure that I weally weally wanted to install Safari. You know, for a bunch of people who expound on the virtues of “choice,” freetards sure do seem to have an issue with users making the choice to use something that isn’t theirs.

Here’s a suggestion for you Asa. When a someone with a vested interest in the success of a competing browser insists on continuing to beat Apple up over the most trivial issue in the fucking world, it sort of reeks of desperation. Here’s another suggestion. Why don’t you focus on making FireFox the better browser and, oh I don’t know, compete on merit?