Today’s Winner For “Retarded Business Model” Goes To…

…The chuckle-heads at Psystar, whose website seems to be down, so here’s a link to the Ars story. It seems these frigtards are selling a Leopard compatible Mac “clone” for four hundred clams. Here’s a quick dramatization of the strategy meeting in Psytar central that resulted in this brave experiment in getting your asses sued off by el jeffe Jobs:

GUY 1: gurgle gurgle gurgle inhale….cough, cough. Hey man, you know what would be really cool? If we slap some commodity PC parts together with an EFI emulator and sell it to run Mac OS X on.

GUY 2: Dude, don’t bogart the bong man. Yeah, that would rock, and we could sell it for, like four hundred bucks.

GUY 1: Oh yeah man. The proponents of free software will buy these like hotcakes. We’ll be striking a blow for freedom.

I don’t know who to pity more. These morons, or any fool who actually orders one of these things.

peace out.