Today’s Whiny MacMeme Is…

…Apple is a bad “Windows citizen” because they “sneakily” “forced” Safari 3.1 on unsuspecting Windows iTunes users. Apparently some of the whiny twats in the blogokleinbottle are up in arms that Apple offered up Safari 3.1 for Windows in the Software Update tool that gets installed with iTunes/QuickTime on Windows.

My take: here’s a douche to wash the sand out of your achy achy vaginas.

First of all, while I admit that it was odd of Apple to offer up the Safari update to people who hadn’t previously installed it, they hardly “forced” it onto anyone. Software Update allows one to skip updates. And the argument that “anyone who just selects the defaults will be “forced” into installing Safari merely reinforces the time honored perception that Windows users are, in fact, mouth breathing morons.

Second, bitching that anyone is a “bad” Windows citizen is the rhetorical equivalent of arguing that one turd in a sea of shit is particularly stinky. Microsoft is a bad Windows citizen. And I’ll tell you, having Safari magically appear on my computer pales in comparison to the times I’ve come back from lunch to find that all my work has been killed by a Windows update (the first fucker who tells me how to disable that gets tazed in the genitals…I know how to disable it).

And lastly, it ain’t like Apple doesn’t offer up some weird shit via Software Update on the OS X side either. Just last night I downloaded a Camera RAW update…BUT I DON”T HAVE A CAMERA THAT SHOOTS RAW!!! FUCK YOU APPLE FOR WASTING MY PRECIOUS BANDWITH!!!

Seriously kids, every time that Apple, or hell Microsoft for that matter, does something that you do not approve of, it’s not the end of the world. Grow up, take a deep breath, and stop your gods awful whining; or, so help me, I’m taking off my belt.