And Today’s Jackass Blogger Is…

Ashutosh Chaturvedi! Ashu serves up one hell of a two-fer on his blog. In fact, his blog has a whopping 2 posts, and they’re both mind bogglingly retarded. Taking the lesser of two fuck-ups first, we have this gem. Ashu is upset that Tuesday’s Leopard Security update broke ssh. Quote:

One would think that Apple had tested out the security update before releasing it to the public… but apparently not.

He even manages to link to the whiny entitle-twats on the Apple discussion forums bitching about it. Only problem is, it’s not an Apple error. In fact, it’s Rogue Amoeba’s fuckup, as evidenced in the very fucking thread he links too. Now, true, the actual cause wasn’t determined until after Ashu posted his little droppings; but then again, when did a MacMac blogger ever take the fucking time to troubleshoot an error before unleasing the floodgates of whining on Apple. But really, that is just the warm up for the real, aneurysm inducing what-the-fuck that Ashu managed to spill forth yesterday. See, apparently Ashu was actually let into the iPhone Developer program. That’s right, the very program that every annoying MacMac entitlement queen under the Sun has been complaining about being rejected from. So, what does our friend Ashu do with this promethean resposibility? He BREAKS HIS FUCKING NDA by posting the developer docs online. You heard that right. Our buddy here will actually manage to be the first person let into the program and the first person booted out of it. I expect, nay, demand an in-depth report of what happens when Apple revokes your development cert you rampaging moron. Be sure to threaten to defect to the Android platform, you’ll have fun developing for all the available hardware there, I’m sure.