Ryan Block: Tool

Today Apple held an event to layout the roadmap for enterprise support and the SDK. I’ll leave the analysis of the event to my betters, mainly because a) I don’t own an iPhone, b) I’m not a developer and c) the morons in charge of “Enterprise IT” where I’m at would first ask if that was a ship captained by a chap named Kirk, then ask if you could help them with the hand they have stuck in a honey jar.

Instead I’m going to focus on Ryan Block of Engadget, because he is a fucking tool. Let’s just lay this one out here, since I’m sure the rest of the blogotesseract will be all over this soon enough. Ryan was actually dimwitted enough to ask, during the Q&A following the announcement, if a SIM unlocking application would be something that Apple would allow.

Yeah, just let that one sink in a bit. Ryan, we get it, I’ve listened to your crappy podcast. You’re none to fond of Apple. You don’t like iPods. And you’re firmly in the category of fucktards that think that, just because you think that a feature is neato-keen, well then by-cracky the manufacturer just better fucking add it. But here’s the deal Ryan. You’re a tool, and we all know it. The “laughter” you reported after el jeffe dismissed your question wasn’t “laughing with you.” It was “laughing at you.” You’re now the iPhone’s equivalent of Bob Keefe and his retarded “Intel Inside” question.