More Dreaming From the Mac Blogosphere.

Sweet beer-battered Christ with a side of cole slaw. For the life of me, I’m trying to figure out what the fuck thisis supposed to be about. Seriously, what is the argument here? That the AppleTV needs an ability to play DVDs? I suppose that you can argue that, although I would place that argument firmly in the “if wishes were horses” category. Anyone with two neurons to rub together can see that el jeffe Jobs couldn’t give two shits about letting us access content that we’ve obtained from anywhere other than the iTunes Store. But what, in the name of Cthullu, does the MacBook Air have to do with the price of whores in Reno. Or the digression into the history of Winamp and iTunes. Let me type this as slowly and clearly as I can. Here is Apple’s digital media strategy in 2 bullet points:

That’s it. To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, there ain’t no fucking step 3. Apple has exactly one goal…make money for fucking Apple. Notice how both points in my master strategy above funnel filthy lucre into Apple’s coffers? There’s a reason for that.

as an aside…

It occurs to me that someone, assuming that anyone reads this crap, will counter with, “b-b-b-b-but, iTunes let’s you rip CDs purchased elsewhere…” That is true, you’ve defeated me. No, wait, you haven’t. Here’s the deal. when iTunes arrived on the scene, it was just the latest in a long line of CD ripping software. Users had already developed the habit of ripping their CDs to their PCs. Also, the CD format does not contain DRM by design; regardless of the various feeble attempts to add DRM that have appeared since the iTunes revolution. Compare this with the DVD situation. I defy anyone to name one legal solution for ripping DVDs to a PC. And before you freetards start listing titles, note the stipulation that the solution be legal. Sucky as it may be, the feeble encryptionon commercial DVDs qualify them for the circumvention provisions of the DMCA. The bottom line is, those of us who want to rip DVDs to our PCs are rare, not the reverse. At the end of the day, Apple can ignore our needs with about as much concern as a freetard has for a bag of cheetos. Someone, think of the cheetos!