Let’s Kill All the Analysts!

Sorry Will, it’s not the lawyers who need to go up against the wall; it’s the Wall Street ‘analysts;’ especially those who cover technology. I want a job where I can pull some overly inflated ‘expected sales’ out of my ass; and when the product in question fails to meet the target that I, not the actually company selling the product, set for it; I can write up a retarded screed on how sales are ‘slipping’ to drive more hits to my master’s website. And yes, I know that I’m not citing any actual sources here; but I’ll be fucked raw before I send one click to these fucking leeches’ sites.

ps. Fuck you Forbes.com for having not only a site load intersitial, but a Flash adds with audio on your damned site. That shit was a dick-move in 2001 and it’s a dick-move now.