Which is better, to have many people you call “friends,” or just a few that you hold dear in your heart? It seems to me that, for ages, society has told us that we’re not worthy unless we’re loved by many. Media tells us that being alone is a horrible thing. If someone dies, and only a few people attend the service, it’s sad. It doesn’t matter if the people who profess to be your “friend” are as phony as a three dollar bill, it’s just important that they all say they’re your buddy. Back when Sail Inn was still open, I would have said that I had lots of friends; and I would have been wrong. The truth is, there are only a few people in the world that I truly love, that I would call “friend,” and I’m fine with that. For anyone coming into this internet tide-water via MySpace, realize that I’m not condeming those who’s list of friends counts in the hundreds. Everyone is different, and I’m admittedly a sociopath. I’m just saying that, for myself, it’s the quality of the friendship that matters more than anything; and I’ve been lucky to have a very few friends who’s quality means more than any quantity. So, cheers to you with many friends; and thank the Light for my few.