Negative Ads

Here where I live, in Arizona Congressional District 5, there are two races that empitomize to me the fundamental nature of the modern Republican Party. The particular races are for Senate, between incumbent Republican Jon Kyl and Democratic challenger Jim Pederson, and the U.S. House of Representatives, between incumbant Republican J.D. Hayworth and Democratic challenger Harry Mitchell.

Both races have featured campaign ads for the Republican candidates that follow the exact same format:

And there you have it, the state of the Republican party in Arizona. Commenting on their record is an attack from the big mean Democrats. While spreading FUD that the Democratic candidate is in favor of throwing open the border and letting all those filthy wetbacks in to steal all our high paying jobs swabbing out hotel rooms and mowing lawns is reasoned debate. In reality, I think that an ad for Jim Pederson actually sums up the situation the best. To sumarize the message; if you think that the direction that this country is heading in is the right one, then by all means vote Republican. But if you want change, vote for change. Yup, that’s about as negative as they come Senator Kyl.

One final point on the “negativity” in this race. J.D. Hayworth has a series of campaign signs scattered around town with an added tag, “Please Don’t Steal This Sign Harry.” on them; implying that Mitchell is somehow defacing Hayworth’s signage. I happen to know Harry Mitchell, he was the Mayor of Tempe for many years, and I also had the honor of attending his classes when he was a high school teacher. Politics aside, Harry is an honorable man, and to imply that he would utilize such tactics is the worst form of “negativity.” But I guess that we can’t expect much better from a former T.V. Sportscaster…see J.D. that’s negative.