May 31, 2011

Fuck me, I just read what might be the stupidest comment of all time. From the usually sane John Gruber commenting on the idiotic announcement from the World Health Organization categorizing cell phone “radiation” as “possibly cancer causing”:

I think it’s quite possible that this issue could be the single greatest long-term threat to Apple. I’d hate to see today’s handset makers turn into yesterday’s tobacco companies.

Let’s look at the difference between “yesterday’s tobacco companies” and “today’s handset makers”. The link between tobacco consumption and cancer had:

  • Massive amounts of evidence gathered by respected independent scientists supporting the link.
  • A clear set of causative mechanisms.
  • A campaign funded by the tobacco industry to deny the independent science.

What does the cell phone cancer “link” have going for it?

  • A massive amount of research by respected independent scientists showing no identifiable link.
  • A tiny amount of evidence supporting a possible link that, at best, could be classified as inconclusive.
  • No causative mechanism that has yet been advanced that doesn’t defy the laws of physics and biology.
  • A political organization bowing to pressure from hysterical anti-science elements within various European governments.

Yeah, Apple and Philip Morris — can’t tell ‘em apart without a microscope.